Tips and Guidelines for Posting:

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Questions and Experiences:
Try to make Questions short and concise, it’s best not to include multiple questions in one post. Different questions deserve their own posts and will get answered quicker (each post only takes a minute or two to do).

When sharing an Experience about moving to, immigration or visas, job search, employment, relocation, travel, or life experiences in a new Country, try to share as much useful information and knowledge to help others.

Professional Articles and Knowledge Guides:
Make your Post Title between 40 and 49 characters long. This length attracts and receives the greatest number of post views overall.

“How-to” Headlines and content tends to generate the most attention and views.

Make your posts visual! Add an image using the image file upload feature.

Informative and knowledgable Posts with large word counts perform best on this site (+- 1,000 words is good).

Neutral language tone and positive sentiment posts get the most interaction of comments, shares and likes.

Make your content readable for “an 11-year-old”. Don’t use big fancy complicated words, keep it simple and easy to read, and understand.

* Always post original content that you have written. Duplicate content will not be indexed and be removed.

* Do Not post copyrighted or trademarked material of any kind. It could get you in some serious hot water!

* Do Not post advertisements or affiliate links etc. These type of clutter and spam posts will be removed.

Always keep it professional, original, and share your post(s) to your social networks, it will help you get more views, readers, attention and interaction. *We automatically add social sharing features on your post(s) to make it quick and easy for you, and viewers to share your great content.

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