As everyone knows “Europe” is very large and diverse, and the Best projected investment places to buy a house continually evolves each based on numerous factors.

Many economic and growth indicators are analyzed by a multitude of of organizations and research institutes. After analyzing and cross referencing over 20 different reports and projections for 2019, we boiled it down to the overall winners based on combined emerging trends and outlooks:

“1) Lisbon, Portugal
2) Madrid, Spain
3) Dublin, Ireland
4) Madrid, Spain
5) Frankfurt, Germany
6) Amsterdam, Netherlands
7) Hamburg, Germany
8) Helsinki, Finland
9) Vienna, Austria
10) Munich, Germany”

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Compared to last year when Germany had most of the top spots, Portugal and Spain now appear to be the new emerging Countries for the best potential housing and property investments in Europe (although Germany still has 3 in the top 10).

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