The Best locations to obtain a work visa in the USA depends on 3 key things:

1) the type of work visa
2) your type of job / skills
3) and of course, your personal preference

To start with we’ll run through the types of work visas and best locations to obtain them. There’s 2 categories:
a/ skilled
b/ non-skilled

For skilled the main work visas are:
the H1B visa, the TN visa, the E3 visa, the L1 visa, and the Green Card.

For Non-skilled category the main work visas are:
the H2B visa,

There’s also a popular work ‘training’ visa called the J1 visa which is in it’s own category.

“When we talk about the ‘best locations’ it’s important to think of it this way; to obtain a work visa you need a company to hire you and sponsor you for a visa (you need a job offer 1st, before you can apply for a visa).

Therefore,  the best locations are determined by where are the most and the best of these types of US Companies who are willing to do this for Foreign Nationals.

And to drill down a bit further on that point; where are the most / best of those types of companies – for your type of job and skills.”

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Here are the Best (top) locations for ‘Skilled’ work visas:
New York
New Jersey

As a general rule of thumb, the larger Cities in the Top States are the Best (top) locations.
* Consider this; the top 10 States out of all US States, represent over 75% of all skilled work visas obtained, which in many ways transforms into ‘opportunity level’.

Naturally, your personal preference of where you want to live as well a work, is a key determining factor in where you try to get hired by a sponsor company for a work visa. The USA is very diverse in ‘lifestyles’ so whatever your favorite places are and wherever you want to live and obtain a work visas, we wish you the greatest success!

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