Everything you need to attract and engage the Best talent,
and boost your company Brand

Promote and strengthen your Brand  – to positively motivate the Best talent to want to join your company

Your Brand is everything in today’s online world and recruiting landscape, and it’s what turns on (or off) candidates to decide if they want to join and work for your Company.

Our platform enables you and your employees to authentically communicate, promote, and strengthen your Brand and what it’s really like to work at your Company; using the most multi-effective strategies. Companies that invest in employer branding not only attract more of the best talent, but also have higher offer acceptance rates, and enjoy more traffic to their website and career pages, more positive ratings, and increased employee fulfillment and retention.

Your Brand helps to grow your business in many valuable ways. We help you promote your brand image, bring it to life and strengthen it through shareable content, and reach and inform candidates across multiple channels including our site, feeds, groups, social channels, and search engines.

Job Marketing – not just posting

We help get your Company jobs marketed, exposed and seen everywhere they need to be, while keeping it simple to centralize and manage it all in one place.

On-site posting page, plus added to the activity Feed
Broadcast notification to registered candidates
Easy social share across your social channels
Job share encourages members to share on their social networks
Auto-post on Target groups and communities on LinkedIn
Pro-optimized job pages to rank highly on search engines

Conversational Recruiting that increases engagement
to attract more of the best candidates

The best candidates, especially Passive job seekers now want more upfront and transparent engagement, and expect to be able to communicate with you before spending their time filling out applications (and handing over their personal data).

Our QuickChat feature allows you and candidates to start quick-conversations either right now or back and forth over time. Giving candidates and you the opportunity to both quickly figure out if you’re the right fit from the start.

QuickChat-Engage features are integrated directly into your Company Brand page for one-to-one private chats, and to your job postings and sponsored articles for more public chats that multiple candidates can interact or learn from.

Don’t miss the best candidates, and start increasing engagement and making it easier and quicker for them to choose you (not your competitors).

Start Hiring More of the Talent That Is Right for Your Company
and Promote Your Brand Benefits, Culture and Success during the Process.

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