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Smart Databases can change your life for the better, boost your career (and salary), increase your opportunity to obtain a work visa, simplify, streamline, target and accelerate your search, and help you in all the most important ways to get recruited and hired faster by a leading Company, and enjoy a great new adventure, career, and life abroad.

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Smart Databases Best and Top Companies are professionally deep researched, carefully analyzed, and hand selected by our our team of specialists based on a combination of 9 key factors; to help you boost your opportunity to get a work visa, get hired for a great job faster, save loads of time and effort, and enjoy your move and your future in confidence with job and immigration safety:
1.  the top hiring for work visas
2. and the best companies to work for
3. and the best career growth and advancement
4. and commitment to diversity
5. and the best salaries and salary packages
6. and the best relocation assistance
7. and the best approval rates for work visas
8. and the best companies for job safety and security when moving to a new Country
9. and the best contacts and connections specifically for work visa recruitment and hiring

Smart Database go multiple steps further to provide you with instant access inside the Best-of-the-Best  Companies, contacts, and job opportunities to explore, access, contact, apply to, network with to get recruited for a work visa, and a great career, where you want to live and enjoy your life.

*Free Bonus: includes access to all new and updated Smart Databases added during your time as a customer (our team of professionals research and add an average of 2 new Smart Database each month. Each Smart Databases takes hundreds of hours Professional deep research, analysis, data verification, quality assurance, and compilation).