Naturally most Countries around the World want to attract the best talent to their shores, but where do the best talent actually choose and move to?

It’s a big world with so many great options and choices, and some seem consistently better and more attractive, and lucrative for the best talent to move to and enjoy a better career, quality of life, lifestyle, education, culture, diversity, adventure, and immigration safety. There’s a variety of reasons that that people are now basing their future career and life decisions on.

“Canada has risen to the new #1.
Rated as one of the best quality of life Countries in the World, for the last few years running!
and one of the best, welcoming (and easiest) immigration systems in the World
and Cities rated as the most innovative and forward thinking in the world”

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Canada, the UK, Australia, Asia, and multiple Countries in Europe are starting to take over control, and more and more top talent are starting to realize it, take advantage, and move to these new top destinations for career growth, innovation, and quality of life benefits.

The trend is sure to continue for the next few years at least, and Companies in these new top destinations are welcoming the best and brightest talent to come and join them.

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