As cities across Asia and the world strive and compete to become the greatest smart cities of the future, Tokyo is doing what it does so well – quietly leading the charge with cutting-edge innovation.

Tokyo has topped a list of the world’s most innovative cities this year, and has risen rapidly to the #1 spot since entering the top 10 of the Innovation Cities Index only three years ago.

Tokyo has showed clear direction by embracing smart technology change to lead innovation and leadership in long-term globe-shaking technology trends.

London came in #2, with Singapore, Sydney, New York, and Seoul also ranked highly in the index, which evaluates and ranks cities based on over a 160 key indicators.

“This could be the most exciting, lucrative and advantageous time to move to Japan for a great career in the Worlds most innovative City “

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With the rapid advancements in high-tech and innovation sweeping through Japan, many Companies are actively seeking International skilled talent to fill their positions and help them keep emerging, evolving and staying a step ahead.

The award comes after years of specific government efforts to prepare its economy and culture for the future. In 2016, Japan introduced Society 5.0 as part of the country’s transformation to drive development and solve social issues.

To realize Society 5.0, the innovations from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as robots, the Internet of Things, big data and Artificial Intelligence, and their application to various economic sectors are critical.

Japan’s advantage here lies in the high levels of technologies held by companies, the strong research and development by academic, and a wealth of real data collected at the forefront of key industries. Japan’s uniqueness also lies in a cultural fascination for robots and automation which help boost tech development and adoption.

Such moves will continue to put the city in a strong position to attract great global talent, as there is currently a shortage to meet the fast growing demand in Tokyo’s high tech and most innovative Companies.